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2007-01-14 - 4:24 p.m.

I'ts almost Monday again, hopefully a better week than last week. My back started to really get bad last week such that I missed 3 days of work. I finally got acupunture on Friday which seemed to help. At any rate I didn't eat weds thru friday and slept 30 hours straight and a couple 8 hour stretches too so maybe that helped.

I have this desire to go buy another computer and that Saturn Solstice sports car. I also want to go spend lots of money on frivolous items like loose women. I guess I must be depressed a bit over all that's happened. Amy want's me to take off 2 weeks and go to Ireland while shes there. Aer Lingus has fares $149.00 each way which is damn good. Some how though in my state of mind, I'd rather stop a few days in Sweden and visit Euro Bear, then continue on towards Ireland. Bye for now. Curiouoso*


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