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2008-01-08 - 2:41 p.m.


I played hookey from work today. I got up at 3:30AM as usual, and decided I didn't feel like going in. I got up numerous times during the night to pee and felt dizzy each time. My nose was stuffed up also so I sent off an "I'm sick email" and went back to bed until 10:30. Even now I don't have much energy.

I had an arguement with Amy last night about tickets for Ireland. She came up with about $800. each. I said I wanted to check for a free ticket first, so she asked me to do it right away. I found one that was almost perfect except it was 3 weeks instead of 2. That was fine with me, but she didn't like it. I checked tickets to London and there was a larger availability including some 2 week choices. Then I would have to get tickets to Ireland via Ryan Air for about $75. round trip. I'd also have to stay in london 1 night so that cost a minimum of $120. near the airport. It also wastes nearly 2 full days with waiting for flights. The taxes run $200. for london flights but only $75.00 for Ireland. Since I would be put up free, the extra week in Ireland it seems a nobrainer to me. She disagreed and said again, " Maybe we just should skip it". I know that's not what she wants, but I'm tired of fooling with this. I originally ran prices for the trip over a month ago, but she wanted to wait for deals after the first of the year. I've been saving up my miles for at least 2 years to go to Costa Rica, but I'm willing to spend them on Ireland if she can make up her mind. If not, I'm just going to book a couple weeks in Jamaica at Hedonism II. I'm gonna have some fun this year!

I promised to mention 2 of my favorite wines. Van Ruiten Old Vine Zinfindel , and Earth, Zin & Fire from Jessie's Grove Winery. That is an old vine Zin too, some of thier vines being 118 years old!

20 years ago the central valley was considered Gallo table wine country. In those days, Gallo wines were considered rotgut stuff. Now they (Gallo & the valley) have a far better reputation winning awards regularly instead of only producing bulk wines.

You can check with thier wine clubs as to wether they ship to your state or not.

Curiouoso* has decided it's time for a nap. Over & out.


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